100 current DEKRA check + extended warranty for each vehicle, owned by Autoplaza

Every car owned by Autoplaza has passed a thorough 100-point DEKRA check, which will give you complete information about the condition of the car. The Autoplaza team, for its part, is committed to eliminating all detected irregularities and providing you with the car with fabric or extended warranty.

We stand behind every car we sale

The used vehicles have been purchased from the brands’ official dealerships, and a large part of them are leasing cars. This guarantees the origin and servicing history of each car.

We can buy or replace your vehicle.

Visit us, to have your vehicle evaluated and get an offer for the best possible price for it. You can also benefit from the option to exchange it for a verified vehicle from Autoplaza.

Assistance in the preparation of documents

You can count on complimentary preparation of all documents needed for the transfer of ownership of your chosen vehicle. We will inform you about each step you need to take after purchasing.

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